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This practice offers services under the National Health Service (NHS) and Private (either as a member of our Smile Club or pay as you go).

These premises have been utilised as a dental practice since 1983.  The present dental principle, Mr Benjamin Omovie, took over management of the practice in September 1997.  Various modifications have been done to improve its aesthetics and general ambience.   Similarly, different names such as 113 Dental surgery and Clare Road Dental Practice have been used, before finally settling for our present name to reflect our new direction in dentistry.
Our emphasis is on aesthetics or cosmetic appeal hence the focus on your smile!
Good dental care requires mutual co-operation between you (our client) and us (service provider).  A failure on either side will lead to poor outcome and this will be emphasised throughout your experience/ walk with us.  This involves monetary and time commitments from both parties.
We will attempt to explain in as much details as possible your intended treatment prior to commencement.  If you are not happy please kindly let us know so that this can be addressed quickly rather than much later down the line.  This will ensure we meet your expectations.

Your journey to quality dental care starts here!


Members of the GDC

All practitioners at the Cardiff Smile Centre Ltd. are members of the General Dental Council, so you can relax, knowing you are in the care of qualified professionals.

If you would like further information about the General Dental Council, please visit www.gdc.co.uk


Disabled access to the practice

Our practice is all on a ground level which provides easy access for wheelchairs and other disabled patients. If you would like any further information, please contact us, thank you.